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Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to help people live their fullest lives, with confidence in their hearing and balance. We are proud that we are able to combine our clinical expertise with the latest technologies to ensure we provide first-class hearing healthcare, and that this is reflected in the testimonials and reviews we receive.

Read on to find out what some of the people who entrusted us to support them with their hearing, tinnitus and balance had to say about the care they received.


“Put me at ease explaining the different procedures and checking I was comfortable during.

Chris S. (Jun 2024)


“Big thank you to Simon. Lovely, reassuring. Would recommend the clinic definitely. Big thanks to all of you.

Pat H. (Jun 2024)


“Simon was very friendly, welcoming and put me at my ease. He spent time finding out what my exact needs were and successfully addressed the issue of a wax buildup in both my ears. He made completely sure my ears were both fully clear and checked the overall health of both my ears to check that the only problem was wax and not something else. He did a hearing test to check my overall hearing which was very reassuring. I was very pleased with the service and outcome.

Adam B. (May 2024)


“Quality of equipment was very high spec’d, report was very clear.

Damon E. (Mar 2024)


“Perfectly explained about procedure and results.

David H. (Mar 2024)


“Simon was friendly and professional. He listened to my concerns and explained exactly the procedure that he was able to carry out to alleviate the symptoms of my benign positional vertigo checking that I was ok throughout. The manoeuvre was very successful and I have had no more problems. He then phoned me a week later to check that everything was still fine. A most professional and friendly service.

Linda M. (Feb 2024)


“Made me feel at ease, not worried or nervous at all Complete confidence.

Paula H. (Feb 2024)


“Went into detail of what he was doing and how it would help. Also gave further recommendations of how to keep on top of the issues.

PB. (Feb 2024)


“My appointment with Simon was excellent, he immediately put me at ease and explained everything that he was going to do.

I had microsuction on both of my ears – there was no pain and the relief was immediate. I then had a hearing test as part of my treatment plan, not had a hearing test since I was at school so it was good to know that my ears are in good shape.

Simon then explained what was going on in my ears that were causing them to become blocked – this was extremely helpful as I now know how to keep my ears healthy and look after my hearing.

The whole experience lasted around 45 mins and was excellent from start to finish – no hesitation in recommending North East Hearing and Balance.

Liz A. (Feb 2024)


“Absolutely brilliant and professional service. Clinically marvellous and solved my ear issue!

Suzanne M. (Dec 2023)


“Very thorough – exceeded my expectations.

Ian T. (Nov 2023)


“Really good at explaining the issues I was experiencing and advice moving forward. Thank you.

Adam F. (Nov 2023)


“Personalised the session for me and also explained everything in a non technical way.

Caroline L. (Oct 2023)


“Professional, friendly and competent

Kate S. (Oct 2023)


My problem first started in 2020 after an inner ear virus, immediately followed by an 18 month period of extreme stress.

By November 2021, my balance was precarious and I had developed a form of vestibular vertigo, which meant I was unable to drive or look at any screens.

In January 2023, my balance system completely imploded and I was unable to walk unaided for 10 days. Under the NHS I underwent tests on my vestibular system, had an MRI scan and consulted an eye specialist. All tests were normal and none of the medical professionals could offer any explanation  for my condition. 

At the time of my first appointment with Simon in May 2023, I was at the lowest point of my life. My confidence was non-existent, and I was unable to walk for more than 10 minutes and incapable of carrying out most daily tasks. 

Within 10 minutes of my consultation, Simon diagnosed PPPD. He explained how the condition had arisen and what steps needed to be taken to rectify it.  Three appointments later and I am almost back to my previous self –  a state I couldn’t imagine achieving a mere three months ago.

The recovery process has been very emotional, but, with Simon’s pragmatic approach, complete understanding and expert advice, I can now see the end of a very long and scary tunnel.

Having exhausted all avenues of the NHS, had I not found Simon, I would most likely still be wallowing in a pit of despair.  He has helped me get my life back, and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

Wendy B. (Aug 2023)


“Helpful at explaining that I have hearing loss. Didn’t make me have any unnecessary procedures if not required.  Happy with service.

Tracey H. (Aug 2023)


“Really friendly, helpful, insightful and took the time to answer my questions with evidence based explanations that I trusted. I’ve already recommended your service

Lindsay P. (Aug 2023)


“Very friendly and efficient, explained everything in easy to understand terms…the procedure was totally painless.

Harry C. (Jul 2023)


“Communication was great throughout emails. I enquired if a home visit was possible as I am disabled and yes it was which was so convenient. Simon was so friendly and professional. I felt at ease and confident in his hands. Simon did a simple wash out of both ears and now I don’t need subtitles on tv! I can hear much better! He gave me advice on how to help keep wax build up at bay. I’d 100% use North East Hearing and Balance again. Five stars.

Hayley G. (Jun 2023)


“Simon was excellent, he took the time to explain why he was doing certain tests, and then took me through the results in language I could understand. He was superb.

Grace K. (Apr 2023)


I had noticed over time that I was becoming hard of hearing often asking people to repeat what they had said, turning TV and radio up etc. I visited my GP and was referred but appointments were limited and would have necessitated a long wait. After consulting Which? I decided that I needed advice from a qualified professional.

I had had unsatisfactory, somewhat cursory experiences with high street chains and having discovered that the people I had seen were only qualified to dispense hearing aids I sought a local independent who had qualified in audiology. I found the website of North East Hearing and Balance to be clear and professional and, most importantly both colleagues there had higher qualifications in their area.

After an initial, but extremely detailed consultation which investigated a lot of my medical history I discovered that I had 70% hearing loss. Simon then asked me about the range of social situations I experience and advised me as to the exact type of hearing device which would most benefit me. A couple of weeks later I was called back for a fitting and to have the devices calibrated to my exact needs.

The result was that I now live in a totally different and vastly improved auditory world with the added benefit of being able to fine tune the devices to my exact circumstances via an app. I have had a couple of additional consultations after the initial fitting to make some small adjustments. I am happy to know that I can call or email if I should have any further concerns confident in the knowledge that any issues will be sorted as quickly as possible.

I would definitely recommend North East Hearing and Balance and have already done so to two people. They are extremely professional and they took a great deal of care to get to the heart of my hearing difficulties.

David J. (Mar 2023)


“Everything was straight forward, clearly explained and easy to understand.

John T. (Mar 2023)


“Dealt with specific problems (painless wax removal), gave me excellent information (like how skin grows in the eardrum and where wax comes from), engaged in a real conversation, and took a holistic view. I’m 100% satisfied. Will return.

David L. (Mar 2023)


“Really explained everything, listened to my concerns and talked me through what he found in his investigations.

Natalie S. (Mar 2023)


“All my questions were answered and I was given advice that definitely felt impartial and with my best interests at heart, offering evening appointments also meant I could attend without taking time off work.

Owen C. (Feb 2023)


“Everything was perfect; being seen so promptly, treatment, courteous and all questions answered and above all can hear again. Thanks very much

Ken E. (Feb 2023)


“I was given a warm and engaging reception on my initial contacts with the clinic. At the following consultation, I was kept fully involved with all aspects of the examination and the impressive use of technology kept me fully aware of how the diagnosis was being developed. I have been worried about my condition for a good while and so I was very pleased to be given a clear idea of what is likely to be causing the problem. I was pleased that the results of the examination were being sent directly to my doctor. I felt much better about things when I came out, much better.

Peter M. (Feb 2023)


I can’t rate Simon highly enough. After suffering from BPPV for quite a while it is such a relief to have found someone with in-depth knowledge of the condition and more importantly to be able to treat me. He imparted that knowledge to me in a way that was easy to understand and was extremely kind and considerate throughout my appointment.

I had been to my GP who had covered the bases to ensure that there wasn’t anything more seriously wrong with me but I wasn’t given the confidence that more could be done for me. Now I know differently. I just wish I had found Simon a long time ago.

Thank you so much, Simon!

Pauline S. (Feb 2023)


“Very pleasant, explained everything in an easy to understand way.”

Mark J. (Dec 2022)


“Initially I needed an appointment to assess and explain my condition plus tinnitus advice as it was very bothersome. I was recommended North East Hearing and Balance from a medical professional after I made enquiries. 

A detailed assessment was given, advice and plan for a way forward. I was given time to be listened to and ask questions. Nothing was any trouble, they went the extra mile.

My progress has been good and all the information I have been given so far has been first class. The care from North East Hearing and Balance has been outstanding, and the service I’ve received from Simon Howe has been very professional.”

Margaret S. (Nov 2022)


“Can’t thank Simon enough for fitting me in at such short notice to alleviate my vertigo symptoms. He was caring and supportive throughout my treatment as I was very anxious due to the severity of my BPPV. Simon then followed up my treatment to ensure the issue had been resolved. Very genuine and skilled practitioner.”

Lyn W. (Nov 2022)


“I saw Simon about my vertigo and dizziness at a time when I was feeling very low and anxious about my symptoms. He was very patient and kind. I had the vestibular manoeuvres done in clinic and he also gave me exercises to do at home for the vertigo and breathing exercises for my anxiety. This was a few months ago and I am so much better. My dizziness has gone completely and anxiety has improved so much that I am virtually back to my old self. I will never forget his kindness at a time that I felt very vulnerable.”

Karen H. (Oct 2022)


“Fantastic personalised service. Immediately felt at ease. Thank you.”

Phil B. (Oct 2022)


I had become dissatisfied with my previous hearing aid provider and research via the Which consumer organisation indicted that, year on year, private, local hearing specialists were comfortably the best option in terms of product range, service provision and ongoing support.

I had increasing deafness due to Meniere’s disease, tinnitus and other associated difficulties. I wanted to see if there was any way my level of hearing could be improved and to discover whether it was my condition or the aging hearing aids I was using which were mostly at fault.  I also wanted guidance as to whether there were other pathways to improved hearing.

Firstly, Simon conducted an extensive series of tests to assess the scale of the problem – something I had not had for a number of years. These indicated a  considerable further loss in hearing, which hadn’t been addressed, and the total inadequacy of the hearing aids I was using which were “no longer fit for purpose”. Simon then provided me with a detailed breakdown of the devices available to help me. His recommendations covered various price points. My choices were then fitted and a regular series of appointments for minor adjustments to ensure I was getting the best results possible under the circumstances. I was  also directed to the online support services offering a series of exercises to help train my brain to hear again.

Straight away there was a massive improvement in my ability to communicate with my wife, something that had become extremely difficult verging on the impossible. In fact, after the first fitting we stopped for a quiet, celebratory drink in our favourite pub garden and the ease with which we could now chat brought tears to my wife’s eyes. We should never forget the strain our own deafness puts on our nearest and dearest. Meniere’s will never go away but I  am coping so much better under Simon’s care.

I would unhesitatingly recommend North East Hearing & Balance – and Simon in particular! Someone with my condition needs a practitioner who understands it. Simon has the medical understanding of how it affects my life which enables him to give best advice on my options for now and going forward. His communication skills are excellent enabling a strong client/professional relationship to build. This is vital as trust in the advice being given is absolutely essential. All communication is clear, precise and free from jargon and advice on any devices comes with costings so you have the tools to make the best choices available to you. There was no attempt to ‘upsell’ which is not always the case.

I would strongly urge anybody who feels their hearing might not be as good as it once was to contact North East Hearing & Balance. You will get an honest, straightforward appraisal with clearly defined options and an expert prognosis. The sooner you act the better. Meniere’s is hereditary and my two sons have already been told what to look out for and at the first inkling of trouble they will be taken to see Simon. As I bore people with – if you need help reading you wear spectacles. If you need help hearing see Simon. For me personally his help, guidance and support have been of immense value. From the start he understood my position and how bad it was, but he discussed what he thought my options were, avoiding unrealistic expectations whilst giving me a clear pathway to the future.

I am a realist and I know my hearing will never be what it was. But, with Simon’s help, I am confident it will be the best it can be. And that’s good enough for me.”

Ken R. (Sep 2022)


“Excellent service from initial contact to treatment”

David L. (Sep 2022)


“Very professional and friendly, explained everything very well and completely put me at ease!”

Julie H. (Jul 2022)


“Very pleasant staff from reception on the telephone to seeing the audiologist, made to feel at ease, everything was explained clearly. I would have no hesitation in recommending this business.”

Teresa F. (Jul 2022)


“Lovely, friendly and very approachable. Put me at ease straight away. Very informative, took the time to explain everything and really happy to answer questions. I didn’t feel at all rushed.”

Charlotte P. (Jul 2022)


“An appointment was made quickly, friendly and professional service.”

Chris P. (Jun 2022)


“Great service, great attitude.”

John L. (Jun 2022)


“You really listened to my worries and gave very detailed answers to help me understand my symptoms. I felt you took my worries seriously and this really helped me to have someone to talk to. A very friendly environment and you are very knowledgeable in your work. In all honesty I could not fault the service in any way from start to finish. Thank you very much for your help.”

Carrie O. (Jun 2022)


“Fantastic, reassuring service. Just great all round appointment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Professional yet friendly in all aspects from requesting appointment to visit.”

Anon. (May 2022)


“Really excellent service. Straightforward for making an appointment. Simon was very friendly and approachable. I was walked through the whole thing and everything was explained along the way. Upfront about costs. Would definitely recommend.”

Helen W. (Apr 2022)


“Your explanation and the procedure were both first class and painless. I was very happy with the whole experience.”

Julian M. (Mar 2022)


“You made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was in safe hands. You explained what you were going to do very clearly and I am extremely happy with the result.”

Margaret W. (Mar 2022)


“Simon was extremely thorough, professional and compassionate.”

Rachael H. (Feb 2022)


“Was given an appointment on the day of calling. Simon explained the process and cleared my ear within minutes. Painless, quick and very efficient with excellent customer service.”

Jonathan R. (Feb 2022)


“Extremely professional in explaining procedure and aftercare. Very sensitive throughout the procedure. Thank you Simon.”

Oriole S. (Feb 2022)


“A very professional and efficient service, very friendly and reassuring and plenty of helpful advice given. Thoroughly recommended!”

Fiona M. (Jan 2022)


“I was struggling with my hearing due to an accident around 10 years ago, I really struggled in social situations to hear people talking and relied on lip reading most of the time. It was tricky to hear anything when there was a lot of background noise, I was struggling to hear cars coming when I was running on the roads and I had quite bad ringing in my ears most of the time.

I chose North East Hearing & Balance as it was close by but also the website was very professional and it was easy to book an appointment. Simon tested my hearing and explained in detail what was wrong, he then helped me choose the best hearing aids for me and has been great at making sure they fit perfectly and worked for me.

The hearing aids have really made a big impact on my life, social situations are so much easier, I feel safer running on the roads now and my standard of life is greatly improved.

I would definitely recommend Simon as he was very professional but also friendly and great at explaining my issues and coming up with multiple solutions to help me.

It’s a fantastic service you provide and thanks very much for all your help.”

Ben P. (Nov 2021)


“Very professional, attentive and personable.”

Dominic B. (Nov 2021)


“I had a sudden onset vertigo which occurred during the night when re positioning in bed. I contacted NEH&B and was seen the same day. One treatment resolved the issue. Very professional service, easy to find and bonus of free car parking.”

Beverley H. (Nov 2021)


“Got an appointment within 24 hours. Full ear wax professionally carried out. Friendly service.”

Lynne H. (Nov 2021)


“My ears were compacted with wax, resulting in loss of hearing in one ear and muffled hearing in the other; I tried ear drops for two weeks (as suggested by the Dr) and there was no change. I got in contact with NEHAB and they could fit me in within the same week of contacting (NHS wanted another two weeks of drops). There was parking on site which was a bonus, and I was seen to very quickly.

Simon was very friendly and made you feel as at ease by talking you through the different methods of removing ear wax, before carrying out the procedure. He went through all the pros and cons of all the types of procedures that can happen so you feel at ease. He wasn’t able to get all my wax out in one sitting but arranged another appointment for me within in the same week (instead of waiting weeks on the NHS) and now I can hear everything.

I highly recommend Simon and if this ever happens to me again, I will be going back to him, no one else. Thank you again!”

Vanessa S. (Aug 2021)


“I was looking for help so I might be able to hear better again, and many of my daughter’s friends recommended North East Hearing & Balance. They offered a test and the right hearing aid required and I’m able to hear much better again. They were honest and very helpful, and made sure I understood everything that I needed to know.

Your help, kindness and aftercare is the best I’ve ever come across – thank you.”

Beryl B-H. (Jul 2021)


“I was looking for hearing aids that would help my hearing and support in dealing with my tinnitus, and North East Hearing & Balance were recommended by a friend who had received excellent support from the company.

They recommended both suitable hearing aids based on an in depth hearing analysis, and a CBT-based course to provide me with support in dealing with my tinnitus.

The hearing aids recommended are excellent and I am now able to hear in a multitude of situations. The CBT-based course was excellent and has provided me with a set of procedures that help me to relax and largely ignore my tinnitus. It was certainly money well spent.

Based on my experience I would certainly recommend the company. Simon was attentive, patient, and professional in dealing with my issues.”

Derek K. (Jun 2021)


“We were looking for someone who could offer a comprehensive assessment of my daughter’s ears and hearing. The service at NEHAB was outstanding from the outset. Simon was very responsive to our initial enquiry and accommodated a short notice appointment to assess my daughter.

Simon was professional, patient and extremely thorough in his examination and treatment. He gave us a comprehensive picture of her ear health and hearing. A clear strategy for moving forward was offered, as well as practical tips and raising delicate issues for consideration whilst dealing with them in a very informative yet sensitive manner. A very prompt referral was made by Simon to the GP and we are currently waiting to attend an ENT appointment for assessment.  On a practical level fitting of ear plugs has helped to keep her ears dry and the microsuction of ear wax on the day helped to make things as good as they can be right now.

We would highly recommend the services of NEHAB – comprehensive, professional and great value for such a thorough experience. Outstanding service.”

Michelle O. (Apr 2021)


“If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would. My enquiry was responded to quickly and resulted in a short notice appointment. The building was easy to find and an added bonus of on-site parking. I wasn’t even in the waiting room for 5 minutes before being called through for my appointment where Simon was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and all round just great. I had a large amount of wax in both ears which Simon removed and made seem easy. Couldn’t recommend more, 10/10 service from start to finish.”

Bethany H. 


“Simon and the team are highly experienced audiologists. They were kind enough to see me at very short notice. Not only are they great practitioners (and sorted out my immediate issue) but Simon is also an active researcher in the field. They did a thorough hearing assessment and gave me practical advise on how to interpret the results. They also gave me clear ways to mitigate future issues. My hearing is now much, much better. I’ll be sure to call back for preventative sessions.”

Andrew H.


“As a barrister who relies heavily on good hearing, I experienced a remarkable/exceptional level of service from Simon, who was accessible, professional and totally reliable throughout my treatment. You need look no further than NE Hearing and Balance for all your audiological issues and management.”

Stephen T.


“I visited for a hearing test due to having tinnitus. A relaxing experience, from the ease of parking, timely start of the appointment, pristine and clinically clean sound booth (how did they get it in that room?) with professional and sound (pun intended) advice. I will be back.”

Ben W.


“My appointment with North East Hearing and Balance was brilliant. I was made to feel very welcome in clean and comfortable surroundings. They were so professional and friendly. I would absolutely recommend them!”

Laura C.


“I highly recommend North East Hearing and Balance. I received excellent care from them for the microsuction procedure, which I found to be more comfortable than the normal water-pulse procedure (and equally effective.) Their clinical expertise was excellent, and was also combined with wonderful people skills – great for putting people at ease. I got a genuine sense that they really do care about the people that they’re helping. The non-clinical aspects were quick and easy too. Easy to get to the practice, plenty of parking, and everything ran to schedule without having to wait around. Excellent!”

Andrew B.


“Had my ears de-waxed by microsuction here. Very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Was the first time I’d had microsuction done and it was so easy. Would definitely recommend!”

Sally P.


“My partner and I recently attended the clinic for microsuction ear wax removal. Each member of the team was professional and welcoming. Simon, who conducted the treatment, was thorough in his assessment and the removal itself was comfortable (and so satisfying to see the amount of wax!) In addition, the premises was easy to find – the free parking directly outside and accessibility to the clinic on the first floor was especially useful since I had recently injured my knee during the Great North Run.”

Heather U.


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