Tinnitus Assessment

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your tinnitus to help guide our recommendations for treatment. Tinnitus testing is carried out in our purpose-built sound-proof facilities ensuring the most accurate results.

Understanding your tinnitus

We will discuss your tinnitus symptoms with you in detail, as well as how these are impacting on your daily life. We will also consider other related symptoms; such as hearing loss, dizziness and sensitivity to sounds. We will use a validated questionnaire to assess the severity of your tinnitus and to identify any particular difficulties you may be having. This can also be used at the end of any treatment provided to show the amount of progress made. We will then select and perform the necessary and appropriate tests to investigate and address your individual symptoms and concerns. 

Testing your tinnitus

Tinnitus testing starts with an ear check. An ear blocked with wax or other debris may exaggerate tinnitus or bring it on when it was never there before. The hearing test is comprehensive and follows British Society of Audiology guidelines. Some individuals with tinnitus will have hearing loss, but it does not mean that if you have tinnitus that you will have hearing loss. We will also attempt to match the pitch of your tinnitus (how low or high it is) to help us understand the location of it.

Managing your tinnitus

We will clearly explain all our findings to you, many people who suffer with tinnitus find understanding their symptoms and the underlying causes can help them to focus less on the sounds they hear. We will discuss with you all the options available to you for managing your tinnitus and, together, we will create a personalised management plan to suit your lifestyle and hopes for improvement.

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