Dementia & Hearing Loss

In this blog we highlight the relationship between dementia and hearing loss, and the importance of early action once a hearing loss is identified, to reduce the risk of declining brain function. The Global Dementia Challenge With improving healthcare, the average life expectancy in developed countries like the UK has risen steadily for years. However,Continue reading “Dementia & Hearing Loss”

Understanding Noise & Hearing Protection

Why Is Noise A Problem? Microscopic hair cells detect the sound waves entering the inner ear, and turn this into an electrical signal to send to the brain. Excessive noise exposure causes physical damage to these hair cells, affecting their function and sometimes even destroying them completely, or damaging the quality of their connection withContinue reading “Understanding Noise & Hearing Protection”

World Mental Health Day – 10th Oct 2020

Hearing is one of our five main senses, and losing it results in an enormous tax on our mental capacity. As a result of this, an untreated hearing problem can lead to serious issues with mental health; including: Fatigue Stress Anxiety Depression Fear of social situations Dementia Hearing loss and tinnitus can create anxiety inContinue reading “World Mental Health Day – 10th Oct 2020”